Graduate Medievalists at Berkeley

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Welcome to our thriving community of medievalists

Graduate Medievalists at Berkeley (GMB) is an organization comprised of doctoral students engaged in the study of medieval literature, history, art, music, languages, and culture at the University of California, Berkeley. Since its establishment in 1993,  GMB has witnessed and actively participated in the continued growth of medieval studies here at Berkeley. By organizing lectures, faculty conversations, research workshops, social activities, reading groups, and other events we have created a strong community of graduate students that extends throughout nearly every humanities and social sciences department in the University. GMB would not exist without the continued support of the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities and the new support of the Institute for European Studies, which sponsors the Paleography Working Group.


We hope that you use this website to get in touch with us, keep in touch with us, or simply stay attuned to the various medieval activities at Berkeley. If you are currently studying at Berkeley and are interested in participating in GMB, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we would love to meet you. If you are not currently at Berkeley, but are visiting or simply interested in the various programs here, then you too should let us know that you exist; it would be our pleasure to include you in future activities. The majority of information is dispersed through our mailing list, so if you are a medievalist at Berkeley please consider joining by following the link on the left.


Ultimately, GMB is a colloquial group, which offers students the opportunity to engage with one another intellectually and socially.




  • Erik Born {born (at)}
  • Marcos Garcia {marcosgarcia (at)}
  • Ryan Perry {rdperry (at)}


GMB co-chairs






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GMB News

CFP: “The Material Middle Ages”


The UC Berkeley Program in Medieval Studies invites submissions for an interdisciplinary graduate student conference:

“The Material Middle Ages”

February 28 and March 1, 2014

Save the Date: Material Middle Ages

Please save the date for the 2014 UC Berkeley Medieval Studies Conference, "The Material Middle Ages" to be held on February 28 and March 1, 2014.



A dose of medieval . . .

Frige mec frodum wordum!         Ne læt þinne ferð onhælne,
degol þæt þu deopost cunne!         Nelle ic þe min dyrne gesecgan,
gif þu me þinne hygecræft hylest         ond þine heortan geþohtas.


Maxims I, ll. 1-3


If you would like to suggest a medieval blurb to include here, send us a message!